The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. – M K Clinton

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. – Johnny Depp

The word “Dog” brings to humans a feeling of loyalty, pet, family member and, above all, unconditional love. Known in Latin by the name Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris, they are commonly referred as “man’s best friend”. Their number in the world accounts to numbers among 700 million to one billion ‘domesticated’ dogs, thus becoming the highest number of carnivorous animals. Domesticated from the wild wolf by man, dogs have the uncanny ability to adapt themselves to human households, habitats and social circumstances. When compared with other domesticated animals, they can be termed as the most successful species on the planet in recent times. From pre-historic times, dogs have performed many tasks for humans, such as hunting prey, herding sheep, guarding human habitats and pulling loads. Their roles have diversified in modern times into aiding handicapped individuals, locating objects of destruction (bombs) etc. Some cultures have dog meat as part of their diet. The benefits of having a dog as a member of the family are numerous. They can scare rats, rodents and other forms of vermin from your home. If needed, they can protect the lives of their master and their families by killing the intruders. If you are the owner of a St Bernard, any person will think twice before meddling with you. They can teach you non-verbal communication when you understand their body language such as whining for food, curling their body when tired etc. There is a famous proverb, “Neither living or non-living is negative in this world, but only the circumstances make them behave differently in various situations”. But seldom do the people believe that their loyal companion can also attack them. Domesticated dogs are always thought to be friendly and reliable, but certain breeds of dogs have aggressive traits. In this article, you are going to have a look at the top 10 most dangerous dogs that account for most of the bite and attack fatalities. The common reasons for attacks are mainly improper attention and care, characters of a violent breed etc.

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs

We will start the list in reverse chronological order so that you will be curious to know which dog breed occupied the first place.

10. St Bernard

top ten most dangerous dogs

You would have heard about the dog normally in your regular school books. They are gigantic, muscular dogs whose ancestors were trained to be rescue dogs. Their height can stretch to 30 inches and their weight – hold your breath – 75 kgs. Due to their massive size, they can pose a danger unless they are properly trained and socialized from the initial stage. The training helps in the after-maturity period when they can cause injury due to their size. Owners have to be vigilant towards unruly behaviors because the dogs are territorial in nature. They are fearless in nature and popular as family pets.

9. Great Dane

top 10 most dangerous dogs

Domesticated by man for trailing prey and hunting animals, they can pose a danger to children and even adults. A properly trained dog can reach 86 cm in height and 200 pounds in weight. One of the tallest dog breeds to walk in recent times, the dogs were initially bred in Germany. Improper care, lack of attention and always tied to the leash, no exercise can make the animal unruly and display aggression towards the owner.

If you are a Great Dane owner, kindly exercise precaution when the pet is with children. Children can get trampled and suffer injuries. These pet dogs do not react well to unwanted, unnecessary and new situations. They become uncomfortable, unstable and always pose a risk in these situations – the reason they find a place in the top 10 most dangerous dogs of the world.

8. Chow-Chow

top 10 dangerous dogs

The fluff in the coat of the dog might attract you to adopt the Chow-chow dog as a puppy, but experts think otherwise. Evidences from reports indicate that the dog displays a very aggressive nature towards strangers. Since they are small, they can be housed in apartments. The reasons for chow-chow to snap at their owners or strangers are often due to lack of exercise, boredom and improper attention. Similar to other dogs, it is mandatory to train these dogs at the infant stage before introducing them to children. They are known to fly off the handle and can bit/nip at an instant with their sharp teeth. The dog is naturally dominant, and it is up to the owner to show signs of leadership and take the initiative. The pet will then follow the commands of the owner.

7. Doberman

top dangerous dogs

The mention of the name will remind you of Hollywood films – the villain’s castle or building will be guarded by Dobermans. Experts opine the dogs are not only aggressive but also intelligent. Its sharp teeth and cropped ears mark it as one of the ferocious animals who can rip apart a human’s hands into two. They are extremely loyal to their masters but are not friendly towards strangers. They are not as bulky as St Bernard or Great Dane but display amazing speeds of agility and flexibility. In recent times, they are used to guard properties against trespassers and as sniffer dogs.

6. Malamute

most dangerous dogs

When an adult, they can weigh 34 kgs and since the olden times, they have been used for hard labor such as pulling sleds. These dogs are known for catching small prey and can be extremely dangerous near children or smaller pets.

5. Wolf-Dog Hybrid

10 dangerous dogs

Your ancestors domesticated dog from the wild wolf, but these dogs are still considered dangerous as they possess the aggressive genetics in them. Although a lot of hue and cry has happened for the preservation of wild wolves, many a farmer or hunter will always change their path from the wolf dominated areas. It has unstable behavior, which can pose harm and danger to not only neighbors but also to the owner. The domestication is done for one generation, thousands of years have passed, but these dogs still breed the aggression characteristic of their ancestors. The wolf in the wild survives on its strength and always dominates its enemies. If these breed of dogs are bred with another aggressive breed, you get a dangerous mix. The name, coupled with its aggressive natures makes this dog join the list of top 10 dangerous dogs of the world.

4. Husky

dangerous dogs

They are cousins of Malamute and are used as sled dogs for pulling loads. They also have a relation with the gray wolf that explains their aggression and the tendency to attack smaller animals for food. They are well-built, can be used for manual labor and not as pets.

3. German Shephard

10 most dangerous dogs

The most preferred type among children, their origin dates to only 1885, where they were raised to safe-guard herds in rural areas of Germany. They are of the same size as Malamute and can weigh up to 38 kgs and 25 inches in height. A regular part of the canine squad of many international police and military units, they have been used as guard dogs and sniffer dogs. Ask the owners about their pets, they can tell you stories about their intelligence. If trained properly, they can guard their owner and family till death. But improper training and being rubbed the wrong way can prompt them to kill or maim a person. They have the ability to kill other pets if their territory is endangered. Regular exercise is necessary such as active games or long walks.

2. Rottweiler

ten dangerous dogs

Although domesticated by man from ancient times, it was mainly used for herding and guarding livestock. Adult dogs are large, muscular and their weight can cross 50 kgs making them a potent force to fear for. They are extremely loyal to their master, but are prone to aggression in case of an emotional outburst. If you are a Rottweiler owner, then train it to be sociable. However, at the same time, always remain vigilant regarding its anger and attacks. These dogs should never be left alone with children. Their bite and attacks are deadly and can easily cause death or severely maim a person. This ferocious dog species easily finds its way into the list of 10 most dangerous dogs of the world.s

1. Pit Bull

ten most dangerous dogs

Known for causing the highest number of deaths and casualties, many US states have severe laws for the reproduction and keeping the animal as a pet in human habitats. In old times, they were used for bull and bear baiting. The dog is not for the light-hearted and can exert its dominance unless trained at a very young age. They can fight to the death if they need and can be extremely dangerous towards other pets, children and senior citizens. The percentage of pit bulls is only six percent compared to the whole dog population, but the attacks and bites by these dogs come to a staggering 68%. Reports point that pit bulls have not overcome the natural aggression of their ancestors even though they have been domesticated for close to three decades. Rigorous training has to be given to the dog in order to make the energy flow in a positive way. Pit bulls find their place among the most dangerous dogs of recent pets.


Your family may have a long history of adopting high-class breed dogs as pets, but before adopting a puppy, it is mandatory that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have it in you to fulfill the task of a dog owner according to the breed? Each dog has its characteristic and you select the dog depending on your personality and family conditions.
  • Does your home have a perfect space for your dog, its crate and food bowls?
  • Can you devote time to the dog? Some dogs suffer from anxiety due to improper attention, lack of fitness and can turn aggressive.
  • Does the budget of your family allow you to spend money for regular health checkups, vaccinations and play accessories (toys), and vet visits?
  • Training a dog on how to behave socially is a life-long commitment. In the initial stages, training will be difficult but be careful about the signs of anger displayed by your pet.

Dogs if properly trained can be pets to watch for and be a lovable member of the family. But then, why should you read this article? There are many owners who have bought dogs just for status symbols or just for fun. But there are some varieties of dogs – proper and specialized training is required, for example, pit bulls. Many persons, unfortunately, do not understand the type of training nor the breed, and lack of attention and improper care can make a dog unruly. The owner puts the blame on the dog to state it is either dumb or arrogant. Unlike humans, who can go to the library or search the internet for gaining information, dogs cannot learn on their own. It is the duty of the owner to train properly and socialize their pet. The number of casualties regarding bites or attacks is more on children, senior citizens and other pets. It is not only the lack of exercise, punishment that lays the foundation for aggression, but undeserved praise can also be a contributing factor. Dog owners always see their pets as their mates in arms, comfortable companions, soul supporters, guard dogs and their best friends who have given up their wild life to serve them for a long time.

The Duration For Perfect Training

The best time for training a puppy of any breed will be in the age of six to eighteen weeks. Every family member should participate in the training procedure. The puppy can be spoon-fed by each member in the family in an affectionate way. They should be strictly warned by verbal communication if they misbehave such as jumping on children, chase other vehicles or growling/barking for no reasons. Make them understand their objectionable actions with love, care and affection. With strict regimen and training, the puppy can remain your family’s companion for a lifetime. It is also possible that your dog can learn best behavior from another of its genre that is pet-friendly, people friendly and well trained. Even though trained, any hunting dog can display its natural instincts of chasing and biting their prey. It takes a lot of hard effort on their part to tame down their natural behavior. So always display humanitarian feelings of love and forgiveness with them.