The dogs are the friendliest choice for most of the animal lovers because they are domesticated easily without much effort. And that’s why they are being called as the best friend of human beings. The dogs are the widely accepted sociable animals adopted for numerous reasons like pet companion, hunting, searching and more. With the population lying between 700 million to one billion, the domestic dogs are exuberant among the carnivorous category. If you go through the history of their origination, then you will come across various facets of evolution, the DNA of the dog species speaks about their domestication that got started during 18,800-32,100 period. The recent studies based on the genetic analysis unfolds certain points; that the dogs are not the descendants of a gray wolf. In fact, the ancestors of the dogs have become extinct. However, the genetic closeness of modern dogs is very close to a wolf that is because of the inter-mixture of the species. However, the morphology of the dogs’ is based on their wolf ancestors. While being the predators as well as scavengers, dogs are regarded as taboo in some of the religious texts whereas some of them consider the dogs as friendly and a faithful animal and besides that they even preach to feed the dog before taking food for the oneself. The dogs develop in different forms with variation if height and weight, body hair features, and others. Amid this, What is the biggest dog in the world? Which is the biggest dog breed in the world? Are some of the important queries that find a due place in the minds of dog lovers.

Dogs Behavioral Role And Their Position In The Food Chain In Various Cultures Of The Society Across The World

Today, dogs are not only considered as a social cognition animal, but they are contemplated in multiple dimensions depending upon work and their involvement. The complex behavioral structure like bite inhibition, friendly co-ordination with human beings, adjustment with social situations and others, has opened an idea to further fine tune their behaviors through appropriate training. The dogs enjoy and share a most cordial relationship with human beings; however there are other animals too in this category like cats, cows, and horses and many more. Cutting across the different cultures of the world, the acceptance ratio of the dogs is high in number, they receive a regard as favorite pets in one or the other forms. However, this is very clear from their historical affirmation. Moreover, today the dogs have become an integral part of the society especially in social dwellings. The pertinent reason behind this is, the people use the dogs for various purposes as stated earlier like for seeking a good companionship and assistance to military and police in crime cases, providing safety by standing as a guard, detect diseases in the human body, support physically handicapped individuals and many more such instances, where dogs do take credit for giving an helping hand. On the other side, dogs are considered as part of a food chain in some of the cultures. In the East Asian Countries such as Vietnam, Korea, and China, consumption of dog meat is common, and that the practice originated in the ancient times. Around 13–16 million dogs were killed every year in Asia for the meat as per the studies and estimation. In China and Korea, dogs’ meat is available in the restaurants with different names for ex: gaejang-guk dish in Korea, where the meat of the reared dogs is used for eating.

Highly Developed Sensory Receptors

The dogs have some distinguished characteristics pertaining to their sensory organs; they are gifted with a large number of smell receptors (300 million) as compared to human beings (220 million). A major part of the dogs’ brain consists of an olfactory cortex, which is 40 times bigger than the human beings’ olfactory cortex. In some of the dog breeds, the capacity of the receptors is more than 100 million times than in human beings. This peculiar smell sensitivity is helpful to the illness detection in a medical field where the dogs can just point out the person who is infected by the disease just by accessing the glucose in the blood. In case of dogs, the audible frequency ranges from 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz, and that allows them to hear the sounds even above the upper limit of the humans audible range.

If a training of a six months is provided t the dogs on how they to proceed into the process of disease detection, then they can do commendable jobs through their highly capable odor receptors. In one of the real time experiments of detecting the cancer from the blood glucose levels, a Labrador Retriever dog has detected 93% of the cases accurately and had received the Blue Medal for its skills. Taking into the research of health benefits from dogs to humans, it is been observed that a person with a dog companionship will be in jovial mode and interact with the fellow human beings with the happiest mode. And in some cases, it is revealed that the dogs association will keep the antisocial behavior of the person at bay while increasing the skills and knowledge. However, the dogs’ role in improving both the physical as well as psychological health of humans is being criticized widely. In the above paragraphs, basic description of the dogs and their behaviors has been highlighted, but in next forth coming you will find the important points on the biggest dog breed in the world or the biggest dog in the world.

Worlds Biggest Dogs – Facts And Description Of The Dogs

A dog named Giant George came into the forum of dogs with surprising physical attributes like a height of 43 inches, a length of 7′ 3″ long from the nose tip to a tail tip coupled with the incredible weight of 111 kilograms. The food intake was 180 pounds per month and the dog enjoyed its sleep in a long sized bed. Taking birth in the litter of 13 dogs in the place near to the Arizona city, this dog was recognized as the world’s tallest dog. Giving due consideration to the testimonies of its accolades, Giant George carved the niche in popularity when it got recognized by the famous Guinness World Records Book in the year 2010 and then it maintained it position two years from 2010 – 2012.

Many of the popular television shows like Oprah Winfrey, Animal Planet, Today Show and many more in that line, highlighted the Giant George. Even on the internet the dog had created its buzz followed by a set of followers to its credit in the social media like Facebook and others. With the people knowing about the Giant George, started sending messages asking various things from the dog do. The dog breathed its last on 17th October 2013 in Tucson in the home, surrounded by the near and dear ones; the death occurred just before its eighth birthday. Christie Nasser and Dave, the owners’ expressed their deep anguish over the incident on the Facebook page of the dog. And the duo envisioned honoring the dog through charitable works.

Top 10 Biggest Dogs In The World

1. Great Dane

Great Dane type of dogs are known for their great height and spectacular bodies, they hold number one position among the tallest dogs in the world, the Deutsche Dog breed as it is called in Germany, had made a record of being the tallest dog. The dog by name Zeus (Deutsche Dog breed) had received the accolades across world for its great height. The Great Dane is a very friendly animal and always looks for a human companionship while seeking affection from the humans. The physical attributes of the dog are very frightening which speak of magnificent growth. The Great Dane’s measurements include 30 inches of height, 54 kilograms of weight and others. With the age ranging from 6 to 8 years, the doggy may undergo suffering from metabolism related problems, which is same in the case of other dog breeds also. As far the daily exercise is concerned; the doggy should not be strained with heavy exercises at a young age to avoid the development of prospective bone ailments in future. There are three varieties of Great Danes with 5 to 6 admissible coat colors such as Fawn, Brindle, Black, Harlequin, Mantle and Blue.

The temperament of the dog is usually friendly with other dogs and humans, but this requires a proper training to the dog otherwise it may get aggressive and angry with the changes and the strangers. So, the dog needs to be socialized by providing training at a very young age. It is recommended by the dog experts, that the Great Dane breed of dogs get easily inclined with the human beings. Another important aspect of their inclined behaviors is that they can sit and lean perfectly against the owners. Therefore, they accounted to be one of the world’s biggest lapdogs. Previously, Great Dane was called by different names in the English markets such as German boarhound, German Mastiff, and German Doggie. With the increasing tensions between Germany and other countries, the name of the dog gets subsided to Great Dane. In the European markets, the dog is treated as luxurious but not as a dog of working.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

2. Anatolian Shepherd

Known for their protector attribute, the Anatolian Shepherd is not fit for domestication because of its ingrained qualities to be cautions and always alert against other predators. Usually, the Anatolian Shepherd stand as guard to save herds of sheep, goats and other animals from other hunting animals and if the situation requires they may take on the wolf in order to safeguard the animal herds. With the measurements of 32 inches in height, 50 – 65 kilograms of weight and others, the animal breed is not the largest one.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

3. Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff

Being similar to many of the features with English Mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux also called as French Mastiff grows with the height of 27 inches and weight of 68 kilograms. The oldest of the breeds in Europe, the French Mastiff has a good number of attractive physical features such as their extensive heads which is the largest among the canine species. They draw they energy from the food what they consume in large quantity. To replenish their energy they need to be subjected to exercise like a simple walk all through the day.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

4. Leonberger

With the features same like the German lion and belonging to the city of Leonberg, the Leonberger seemed as an virtual lion to some of the people. Recognized by its black “mask” on its face, the dogs have excellent physical features that include the measurements like 28 – 31.5 inches in height and 64-68 kilograms. Leonberger breed dogs get freely disposed with humans and if appropriate training is provided domestication of this animal become much easier.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

5. Newfoundland

Supported by the webbed feet and coats of thick fur, the Newfoundland stands an expert in water borne rescue operations. The deep skin characteristics of the dog allow it to steer the freeze in Atlantic Ocean. Usually the dog grows more or less to standard measurements depending on the food, exercise and other things. An adult Newfoundland dog measures 30 inches in length and 60-70 kilograms in weight. The Newfoundland dog drew its name from the Newfoundland, which is a large island in Canada, positioned off the east coast of Mainland (North America). The Newfoundland dog is considered as the working dog because they exhibit their skills in the mean process of fishing to a fisherman.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

6. St. Bernard

Switzerland has accepted St. Bernard dog as a national dog, because of its comendable job in the alpine rescue operations. This is brought international laurels to the St. Bernard dog. Physically speaking they usually grow 35 inches long in height and 120 kilograms in weight. Being one of the strongest dogs and a largest dog breeds in the world, the St. Bernard dog is suitable for human adoption, only if they are trained in a proper direction.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

7. Irish wolfhound

Mainly domesticated with the view of utilizing the dog for the hunting animals like boars and wolves, Irish wolfhound dogs are chosen particularly to exhibit their intimidating characteristics as well as the speed of their execution in targeting the prey. Measuring a height of 7 feet, 32 inches in length and 54 kilograms in weight, this thin dog is a favorite of many dog breeders.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

8. English Mastiff

English Mastiff breed is the heaviest dogs with the weight of 127 kilograms (Hercules – an English Mastiff Dog), however this weight may not be higher than 113 kilograms followed by the height of 30 inches. They belong to a category of obedient dogs and they fit to stay with the humans but the only requirement is a large space for their movements. This is because of their bigger physique.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

9. Kuvasz

Exhibiting the skills of hunting and guarding, the Kuvaz is fabulous dog with a measurement of height 30 inches and weight of 68 kilograms with thick fur (white) and hard as well as rough and tough skin. Originating from the land of Tibet, this dog has been recognized across the world. The dog is considered both as a luxury as well as working animal. In terms of size, the Kuvaz is double the size of Shepherd Dog (Caucasian).

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

10. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This breed of dogs are not so heavy but are large, sometimes they project aggressive behaviors towards strange things as well as strangers. With the height of 28 inches and a weight of 45 kilograms, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are somewhat mildly intelligent and obedient as compared to dogs in others breeds. This shepherd dog breeding was carried out to fight against the alien predators in the Caucus Mountains.

What Is The Biggest Dog In The World