Spraying is termed as a marking behaviour and not a litter box issue. It is basically that act where cats deposit a small amount of urine on vertical surfaces like doorways, furniture, and walls. Now you must be thinking when do male cats start spraying?

Why & When Do Male Cats Spraying?

when do male cats start spraying

Generally male cats start spraying when they reach a sexual maturity stage. It occurs at the time period of 5 to 12 months. There are many factors which decide that at which age the male cats start spraying.

Spraying is defensive and can be stressed related at times. If you spay a kitten at an early age you can get rid of the spraying problem in the future. To be on the safe side consult a veterinarian about the correct age to neuter your kitten. He/she will advise you perfectly.

If you have so many cats at home, it may lead to the territory marking problems. Unfortunately, the urination and spraying problems are the most common one’s found in the pet cats.

Most of the people ask that why do they spray? It is a kind of communication system for cats. The urine of the cats contains chemical substances which are known as pheromones. It helps in giving certain kind of messages to other cats. It is the most common component at the time of mating. During this mating season, both males and females convey their availability with the help of their pheromones.

Male cats also use this spraying thing to mark their territory by which they inform other cats that this boundary or area belongs to them.

I have listed out some suggestions by which you will be able to control spraying:

You can neuter your cat by the time he is six months old. By doing this, you will fix the problem of spraying well in advance.

You can restrict your cat from looking outdoors a lot. If your cats look at other cats, his/her natural response will be to mark a territory. He/she will spray in your home. To be on the safe side try to pull the long curtains or drapes, move the furniture’s away from the windows and you can also cover the lower portion of the windows. To change your attention from this and make it easier for you and your cat, provide a nicely located play area or cat tree for your pet.

If you have more than one cat at your home, try to build a good relationship with them. It will make them spray less as there will be no competition between them. Make sure you give equal attention to all your cats and play with them. Make them eat and sleep together to promote a healthy bond.

Keep the things in routine, it reduces the stress. Try to not to change the surroundings of your cat like bringing new cats or people in the area or even redecorating your house. It makes a cat feel uncomfortable. Make sure you feed your cat on the same time every day. If your cat sprays, clean the area nicely to prevent the re-marking. You can use Odour Logic Clean Away product which is helpful in removing the pet stain and odour.

Sprays keep away your cats as these essences are unpleasant to them. So, the cat will avoid those areas and it will keep your house neat and clean.

Many people think that only male cats spray, but this is not true. All the cats spray, but urine marking is one of the most common activity of the un-neutered male cats. Though spraying is not that common in female cats, that does not mean that she cannot spray. A female cat sprays if she is trying to attract a male cat by leaving her scent or because of the heat. Overcrowding of cats may also lead to this problem.

There are certain anti-anxiety drugs available for the cats who spray. You can consult it with your vet and take this anti-anxiety drug from his/her with proper prescription. Valium and Clomicalm are those drugs which you will get only from the veterinarians. These drugs are used to control the problems of spraying in cats.

Do not give your cats these drugs without a proper guidance of the vet.

Now you know when do male cats spray? And also the methods to get rid of this problem. If it is turning into a serious condition, talk with your vet.